Walkies has three large spacious airy vans with plenty of room for your pooch, ensuring they have a safe and comfortable ride to the park, where they will run around for an hour and exhaust themselves.

Walkies has a strict policy of transporting a maximum of 8 dogs at a time. They are taken to the closest park, making sure their time in the truck is as short as possible. There is always two people on the walk ensuring maximum security for the safety of your dog. Walkies will take puppies, aged dogs, off lead or on lead depending on the behaviour of the dog. Aggressive dogs cannot be taken Before leaving the park each dog will be provided with a long drink to prevent dehydration.

Walkies caters for individual walks for any dog, especially those that may not be socialised or compatible with other dogs.

Regular walking for any dog reduces a hole free backyard, boredom, anxiety and other behavioural problems. Remember a well socialised dog is a happy dog. Dogs walking alone will never get the exercise as they do when walked in a group. In a packs of 4 or more they run, chase each other, roll and tumble and you can almost see the contented look on their faces on returing home.

Walkies walks 7 days a week, rain hail and shine. If it’s a wet day you can leave towels to dry your pooch off and if its very hot Walkies will refill their own waterbowls. Puppies will be given their extra meal if required.