Pet sitting is the best alternative to boarding pets. Pets become highly distressed when separated from their owners. In their own environment the stress is alleviated because pets stay in a familiar environment. Your home and pets are professionally cared for giving you peace of mind. An initial visit will be an introduction to Debbie and details are worked out what is required for your pets and your home whilst you are on holidays.

Our services include:
1. Walking, feeding and watering your dog
2. Cleaning the yard of any droppings
3. Litter changes for cats
4. Medication given
5. Mail collection
6. Lights alternated
7. Garbage taken out
8. Security check for all doors and windows

Peace of mind
1. Walkies has hundreds of references
2. Over 18 years of professional and repeat business
3. keys don’t have addresses on tags
3. back up staff
4. Phone or email contact when organised
5. relatives or close friends phone numbers are taken