Puppies must be 4 months and over and be fully vaccinated and registered with collars and name tags. If you have an aggressive dog this must be disclosed. All information asked about your dog must be accurate.
> Dog walking
> Casual walks paid for on the day
> Regulars pay weekly or are invoiced monthly and to be paid on the last day of the month.
> Pet sitting
> 50% paid upfront and the balance to be paid on return from holiday

Walkies understands that clients may have concerns about their privacy and the confidentiality and security of information that Walkies may obtain about them.
Our service begins with an interview at which time details of your name, address, phone numbers, departure dates and arrival dates are written down for the purpose of attending to your pets whilst you on holidays. We also obtain information on feeding instructions and the routine of your animal so we can take care of your pet in the correct manner

A client’s personal information will be safely kept by Walkies and owners names and address will not be revealed to anyone as Walkies strictly adheres to the privacy policy act of 1998.